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Excuses Insurance Companies Use to Deny Your Claim

Despite what you come across in advertisements, an insurance company can never be your friend. This is because at the end of the day, an insurance company is still a corporation seeking profit, so they will try to make as much money as possible from wherever they can. Unfortunately, even if you do have insurance, you’re not always safe. Your insurance company may come up with a bunch of excuses to pay you nothing or to pay you the minimum legal fee possible.

Here are some common excuses an insurance company makes to deny claims.


Insurance Contract Signing

Claim Wasn’t Filed Correctly
Insurance companies present their clients with a complicated procedure to file a claim, which ends up creating a lot of room for errors. Even the smallest mistake can lead to the rejection of your application, resulting in wasted subscription payments.

They are Not Liable
It is common for insurance companies to simply say that they aren’t liable for a specific case. This often happens because these companies trick people with careful words, making them believe that they provide coverage in some situations, even when they don’t. Therefore, if you haven’t read their terms or conditions properly, you could be losing out money.

The Policy Limit has Exceeded
This is probably one of the most basic excuses an insurance company makes to deny claims. You should also know how much your policy covers before making any claims. If you don’t clear any misconceptions about your policy limit, you can face problems afterward.

Provided Information was Misleading
You must always have clear proof of whatever information you provide to an insurance company. If you present them with any situation or information that isn’t correct or is impossible to prove, they may consider it as an attempt to mislead or commit fraud.

People turn towards insurance companies for assistance but sometimes, they end up getting exploited. Paying monthly insurance subscriptions isn’t an easy job as it takes out a considerable chunk of your money from your monthly income. To top it all off, your insurance company may even deny your claim by making baseless excuses to deny your claim. So, if you’re planning to get insurance, make sure to read the contract agreement thoroughly and familiarize yourself with everything insurance-related to make sure you do not waste your money.

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