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As we are approaching the end of the year and encounter new changes in the Dental Law for 2021, we need to make sure that we comply with the changes that already went into effect this year.  One of these very important laws is Assembly Bill (AB) 1519.   AB 1519 brings two important changes.  First, AB 1519 which went into effect January 1, 2020, changed licensure eligibility requirements for dentists qualifying through an examination.   Beginning with January 1, 2020, Business and Professions Code Section 1630 requires dentistry practice applicants to undergo examinations that will assess their competencies in the areas of diagnosis, treatment planning, and restorative, endodontic, periodontic, and prosthetic dentistry.  Additionally, the applicants must also comply with the time restrictions.

More specifically, the examination must be successfully completed within five (5) years before the date of application for licensure eligibility.  While AB 1519 does provide a large window of time to complete the licensure eligibility, the applicant must be mindful and make sure that they comply with the requirements in time before the expiration of the five years.  Dentists, much like other professionals such as doctors and lawyers, also need to comply with the licensure restrictions. We will continue to provide you with the latest Dental Law information and resources.

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