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Personal Injury

Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers

When you are injured because of a car accident, dog bite, slip and fall or other circumstances you need representation by attorneys who are experienced, and caring.  You need attorneys who have significant experience handling personal injury cases.  Insurance companies always try to settle cases as cheaply and as quickly as possible.  So you need representation by a law firm who pushes as long and as hard as possible until you get the compensation that is just and fair.  This requires diligence and preparation.  Mazarei Law Group will work as hard to get you compensated that you deserve.

Serious automobile, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents 

If you have suffered personal injury in a serious automobile, motorcycle or pedestrian accident, you need to know that you have rights.   Legally, you are entitled to both compensatory and special damages.  General or compensatory damages are  intended to compensate the injured person for what they lost because of the accident or injury.   The purpose of compensatory damages award is  to make the injured person “whole”. This entails putting a dollar figure on the injuries that a person has suffered.  There are aspects of the compensatory damages (such as reimbursement for medical costs or damage to your vehicle) is easy to quantify.   What is harder is to place a monetary value on the injured person’s pain and suffering or the inability to enjoy life because of physical limitations caused by accident-related injuries. Let us help!

Mazarei Law Group helps clients who have suffered Personal Injury and Accidents (an automobile accident, dog bites, slip and fall and others causes) in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County and Riverside, California.


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