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Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Care

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Care

When should I seek medical care?

Usually immediately following an auto accident you may not feel any physical symptoms.  You are distraught and very emotional about the accident.  Most people will usually say to themselves I feel fine, however within the next 12-24 hours you no longer feel fine. You are in pain and then you seek medical attention.

You must always remember that waiting to get treatment from a medical provider will only hurt your chances of making a full physical recovery.  Also waiting to get treatment will hurt your chances of obtaining a full legal recovery.

Insurance companies usually determine how much your physical claim is worth according to when you started treatment and how long you have been treating.

What type of medical treatment should I obtain?

Depending on your injuries, your primary care physician may prescribe pain medication for aches and pain.  However, if the pain does not dissolve, your primary care physician may send you to an orthopedic surgeon and a physical therapist.

If your doctor has not given you to a prescription to consult with an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist, your attorney may be able to refer you to a orthopedic surgeon.  Mazarei Law Group works with many orthopedic surgeons and physical therapist in counties such as Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County.  Many of the orthopedic surgeons also may have several offices in each of the different counties such as Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Pomona, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Glendale, Los Angeles, Norwalk, Cerritos, etc.

If your injuries require immediate attention, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital.

How long should I continue to seek medical care?

You should continue to seek medical treatment according to the advice of your medical provider.  You must always follow your medical provider’s advice.  If instructions and medical appointments are not followed thoroughly, you may slow down your recovery as well as the recovery you may obtain in court.

Missed appointments may lead insurance companies to believe that your injuries are not serious.

Generally when treating with a physical therapist, therapy sessions are usually 3 times a week for 6 weeks depending on your physical injuries.  However, it is again important to follow the instructions of your medical provider.


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