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Prosecution of a Civil Lawsuit in Irvine Orange County and Los Angeles


Mazarei Law Group handles select business, employment and serious personal injury matters in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside.THE INITIAL CONSULTATION In most matters, we will offer you a free initial consultation. Once we have met and understand the facts of your matter, we will help plan out a strategy and budget for you or your business. We offer hourly rate, flat fee and contingency fees depending on your legal matter. Our rates are competitive and reasonable.



Because of the emotions and costs inovlved in litigation, lawsuits should always be a last resort.

Not every legal dispute has to end up in court. Depending on your legal matter, we will open the lines of communication with the potential defendant or its lawyer and determine if a settlement can be reached. Prelawsuit planning also helps us explore whether or not your claim against the potential defendant(s) is insured, or whether the defendant has assets that will compensate you for your loss.



If settlement prior to litigation is not possible, we will proceed to litigation, arbitration or mediation depending on your legal matter and your legal options. We intelligently and aggressively prosecute your civil lawsuit, arbitration or mediation matter. We provide you with a budget and strategy and determine the best course of action for you or your business.

Whether the goal is settlement or trial, we put our over 40 years of combined experience to work for you. We will not rest until your case gets the result it deserves.



Defense of a Civil Lawsuit

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