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Irvine Business Attorney Client satisfaction is our number one priority
Client satisfaction is our number one priority

Orange County and Los Angeles Business Lawyer Reviews

Here are some testimonials from clients that have been represented and worked with Tawny Mazarei 

Contracts & Employment

I write to share with you my experience with Tawny Mazarei. While under the care and counsel of Ms. Mazarei, I have experienced an interesting shift in paradigm with regards to my opinion of lawyers. From the first day, I noticed a stark difference between her and other attorneys I had hired in the past. She represents the highest order of ethics, and a vigor that you rarely find in the field of law. When confronting the opposing counsel she is aggressive, and practical. She handles her clients with care, and compassion. She is quite fair, and ethical in her billing practices, and we find ourselves relying on her wise counsel more and more. I have referred several of my colleagues to her, and have received nothing but the most positive reviews. I would most definitely recommend the services of Tawny Mazarei to anyone.
Abraham Ghorbanian DDS, MSCEO Aava of So Cal

Construction & Employment

For nearly 10 years Ms. Mazarai has represented my business interests in numerous cases. Each time her diligence, knowledge and assertive, pro-client attitude has saved us several million dollars in potential liabilities. Each time we called on Tawny in to defend us or pursue our interests she worked tirelessly to defend us and research every possible action to provide the best legal representation. One of the most important facets of Tawny's work is her communicative skill. I never had to wait endlessly to get answers or speak to her if I had questions. I strongly recommend Tawny and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you have a construction related case, business law or employment matter I recommend her highly.
Noel L.

Construction & Employment

I was the owner of my own business for over 30 years had many dealings with different attorney firms. But Mazarei law group is by far the most professional and caring attorneys I've ever dealt with. They always had my best interest in mind by helping me through a very difficult personal lawsuit. They were very fair priced based on the hours they needed to represent me, plus in both circumstances were able to achieve dismissal on my behalf. Thanks again for your professional help sincerely.
Glenn Thompson Thompson Construction

Construction Defect & Employment

My name is Mina Pourang. I have worked in the Real Estate Industry for over 30 years, and have used Tawny Mazarei's services for both personal and business legal issues. Two of my cases were extremely complicated and time consuming and Tawny went above and beyond my expectations. One of these cases pertained to a very well-known builder. Without Tawny’s knowledge and representation, I had no chance of winning the case. However, her understanding of the facts and ability to respond to the builder’s misrepresentations made all the difference. Having her next to me provided me with a great sense of security. While I believe her services are priceless, she is very reasonable in dealing with her clients. It is a blessing to find someone who can be so loving and caring and strong against the obstacles in this complex society. Tawny has given 110% every time I needed her assistance. Not only is her work ethics outstanding, but also she is dedicated and pays special attention to each and every detail. Her positive and ebullient attitude passes on to those around her and reflects on her work. I have highly recommended Tawny Mazarei to others and will continue to do so.
Mina Pourang

Business Litigation

Comfort seems like an odd word to use when it comes to dealing with an attorney. I am very comfortable with Tawny Mazarei…she also pays attention to expenditures, keeping our budget in mind. Better yet, she cares and that is something hard to find in any business. For 6 years we have trusted her advice and expertise in handling our legal issues. We will continue to do so into the future!
Lucy M.

Business Litigation

Dear Ms. Mazarei: Our case is finally resolved and it is just because of your hard work and your professional knowledge about all the aspects of law. I really thank you and appreciate your help in resolving the case. You took personal interest in our case . I wish other lawyers were also like you, who act like human being. A lot of lawyers are only concerned about the money they can make from the clients but you were always trying to resolve the case. You were able to prove the points both in the court and also during the arbitration . Thanks again and I will certainly recommend your name to all my friends and family.
Mohan Makkar

Leases & Litigation

I have known Tawny Mazarei for several years now. She has helped me through some very difficult times. She has a big heart, yet is a lioness in court. I highly recommend her. Tawny is not litigious, just to make a living, but when she is, you want to be on her good side! She is ethical and has a strong sense of principal. She WILL be your advocate in every way.
S. Afrasiabi, MD

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